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Claims Division

The Claims Division at Ellsworth is dedicated to working with our clients’ internal resources to effectively minimize the exposures they face. We offer a team of experienced claims professionals with diverse backgrounds who focus on providing the following:
  • Consultation intended to advise and educate our clients
  • Management of claims for a cost-effective and fair outcome
  • Client advocacy in the resolution of claims
Our collaborative approach assists clients with improving their experience modification and reducing their collateral requirements. Our claims professionals focus on the reduction of severity and frequency of claims with the goal of advancing operational outcomes and improving bottom line results for our clients.
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Wright Flood Due to a tropical storm system in the Gulf of Mexico, areas of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas are expected to be impacted by substantial rainfall and the potential for flooding. Please make the Wright Flood Claims Reporting Process available to all the staff in your offices


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