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Energy Specialty Group

Energy Specialty Group The Energy Specialty Group at Ellsworth is focused on delivering solutions in three specific areas: upstream, downstream and renewable energy.

As global risk increases and becomes more complex, companies within the energy sector face increased financial challenges and opportunities for growth. Increased pressure to complete new projects creates risks that become even more amplified. Whether our clients have upstream or downstream operations, they face increased risk from several diverse factors, including more remote exploration, alternative drilling techniques, deeper wells, water and unforeseen obstacles, greater civil liability, and regulatory or political risks.

With the occurrence of more frequent and highly publicized losses in the energy sector, a new urgency has been placed on the need for effective insurance and risk management programs. An organization facing a crisis needs to know that the advice and insurance they are relying upon will be highly effective. At Ellsworth our Energy Specialty Group can always be relied upon to assist our clients with the development of comprehensive insurance and risk management programs to help them understand, quantify and mitigate their risk.


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