Executive Leadership Team
Ellsworth Corporation is led by a team of talented, visionary and highly skilled professionals who possess more than 90 years of combined experience in the fields of commercial insurance, risk assessment, surety, financial services and corporate operational management. Our clients benefit from a leadership team that has extensive hands-on experience and knowledge in every area of insurance, surety, benefits management, risk assessment, solution development, regulatory environments and more. Simply stated, our key personnel know the business inside and out – and they put their knowledge and experience to work every day to deliver solutions for our clients. Our leadership team encourages originality with an eye toward the future as we address the challenges our clients face.

Ellsworth Corporation seeks to be a strategic business partner with our clients. Consultation, collaboration and innovation are key to our ability to support each client’s mission. Acting with a sense of urgency, our goal is to provide our clients with new and innovative products and creative ideas that result in unique solutions.

Alex Ellsworth
President & CEO

Kathy Moore
Executive VP & CFO



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